Murphy High School 
Class of 1960
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Alumni Association

55th Reunion

March 14, 2015
5:30 P.M.-10:30 P.M.

Those attending had a great time!
Thanks again to our terrific reunion committee and to 
Charles Grant of the Platters 
who had us dancing the night away and
Odessa Hatfield 
who played the harp during dinner.

All pictures have been posted.

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Look forward to our 60th Reunion! 
Post your ideas on the Guest Book and if you want to be on the committee.
Adams, Fay Simms
Adams, Guy

Alexander, Robert David
Alexander, Sandra

Andrews, Mary Ruth
Andrews, Rusty

Beck, Clyde
Beck, Madeline Houston

Bennett, Fredna Jefcoat
Bennett, Marler

Betancourt, Joyce

Bianco, Lucy Negus
Bianco, Phillip

Biggs, Rebecca Gulsby
Biggs Guest: Carol Long Ford

Bolson, Barry
Bolson, Judy

Boutwell, Emily Jordan
Boutwell, Rudy

Brock, Frankie

Byars, Carolyn Klumpp

Byrd, Newell "Jack"

Calderaro, Charlie 
Calderaro, Gisela

Childs, Elizabeth Crenshaw

Christianson, Jr., John O. "Chris"
Christianson, Margaret "Patsy"

Clay, Carolyn Robbins
Clay, Don

Cochrane, Barbara Guinn
Cochrane, Jerry

Creel, Peggy Smith Elrod-Creel
Creel, Jimmy

Dart, Charles
Dart, Elizabeth

Daughdrill GUEST: Dr. Bill Bodie
Daughdrill, Kay Hairston

Dean, Patsy Spitzer

Ellis, Gerald

Emanuel, Barbara Taylor

Fidler, Judson '61

Fields, Dorothy Smith

Garcia, Rodney

Gentry, John B.
Gentry, Sondra McMillan

Glenn, Rora Fleming

Norwood, Jerry
Norwood, Maxine Davenport

Parnell, Sharon Beard

Perry, James E.

Pritchett, W. Gary Raine, Peggy
Raine, Stuart

Reed, Daniel, L.
Reed, Jackie Singleton

Reed, Sue Camp
Reed, Tim

Roberts GUEST: Carolyn Davis 
Roberts GUEST: Jerry Dixon 
Roberts, Sandra Dixon

Robinson, Sara

Robison, Dorothy "Carol" White
Robison, Willie

Romane GUEST - Jim Phillips
Romane, Dot DeVis

Savage, Carol Reed
Savage, Phil

Sciple, James "Jim"
Sciple, Jeannie

Scott, Bill
Scott, Evelyn Slaughter

Skipper, Kathryn Phillips
Skipper, Roger

Smith, Dorothy Fields

Smith, Patricia Murray

Sossaman, Robert "Bobby"

Tait, David "Ron"
Tait, Jo Ann

Thompson, John Edd

Thrash, Gayle Urquhart

Wells, Joy Prim

Wilkes, Ann McKinnell
​Hairston, George
Hairston, Patti Holliman

Hardee, Al
Hardee, Jane

Harper GUEST: Worthington, Ann Gorman 
Harper, Douglas

Harris, Barbara Henderson
Harris, Joel

Hayes, Mary Knodel

Henderson, Jonette Willman

Higgins, Bill

Hilburn, John L.
Hilburn, Amelia Anderson

Hopkins, James "Jim"

Horner, Jack
Horner, Mary Mercer

Hudson, Margaret Simmons
Hudson, W. C.

Jenkins, Jackie Fitts
Jenkins, John Melvin "Mel"

Jones, Bonnie Bornfleth
Jones, Bud

Jones, Ricky '59

Jones, Rosemary Hogan

Jumonville, George "Bobby"
Jumonville, Pat

Kynard, Charles

Lammon, Mark
Lammon, Sandra '61

Langus, Edwin "Eddie"
Langus, Tabor

Lecky, Sue Hearn

Logan, Mary Hardee, '59
Logan, Paul E.

Martin, Louis

Martin, Mary Louise Hammac
Martin GUEST: Glenda Hogan Contos '61 

McInvale, Nancy Williams

McLeod, Barbara Duke

Millican, Buddy
Millican, Joann Duval

Moore, Dr. Kenny
Moore, Roni

Noland GUEST, Martha Moak
Noland, Monetta Moak