MHS Ladies' Luncheon March 31,2007
Heron Lakes Country Club
The day began with a tour of Mobile and Oakleigh provided by Linda McCreary Foy 
followed by the luncheon at Heron Lakes Country Club
Bonnie Bornfleth Jones, Committee Leader, welcomed everyone.
Martha Sue Tillotson lead the singing of MHS Alma Mater.
Dorothy Beard Donald
Barbara Hubbard Lund, Karen Leatherwood Kelsoe, Mary Mercer Horner
Rora Fleming Glenn, Evelyn Slaughter Scott, Nancy Williams, McInvale
Rosemary Hogan Jones & 
Kay Hairston Daughdrill
Patsy Murray Smith & Frankie Brock
Tawnya Taylor Ardis, Jackie Fitts 
Troutman, Sue Camp Reed
Celia Busby Ray
Tawnya Taylor Ardis &
Ann McKinnel Wilkes
Nan Patterson Mulherin & 
Jean Abrams Myers
Toulminville Group
Carole White Robison & 
Patsy Spitzer Dean
Carolyn Klumpp Byars &
Mary Ramsey Jones

Frankie Brock & 
Rosemary Hogan Jones
Rora Fleming Glenn & 
Joyce Betancourt
Elaine Allen Buzbee &
Mary Dahlgren Russell
Sue Taulbee Weston &
Gayle Urquhart Thrash
Lorraine Owen Roberts & guest Anna Shaffer
Jean Nettles Stine & 
Edna Rivers Bauman
Kay Hairston Daughdrill &
Sue Taulbee Weston
Nancy Williams McInvale, Barbara Henderson Harris, & Evelyn Slaughter Scott
Patsy Spitzer Dean, Kay Hairston 
Daughdrill, & Gayle Urquhart Thrash
Patsy Murray Smith & 
Patsy Spitzer Dean
Martha Sue Tillotson & Nancy Williams McInvale
Jackie Fitts Troutman &
Barbara Guinn Cochrane
Monetta Moak Noland &
Patti Holliman Hairston
Faye Simms Adams &
Barbara Bickford Lee
Madeline Houston Beck &
Linda McCreary Foy
Nancy Foster Whitley &
Sue Hearn Lecky
Emily Jordan Boutwell &
Cathi Slaughter Dagley
Barbara Guinn Cochrane, Madeline 
Houston Beck, Jean Abrams Myers
Dottie McClure Johnson &
Mary Lou Ray
Linda Kennedy Jones & guests,
Christa Harkins & Nadia Faulk
Linda McCreary Foy &
Patti Holliman Hairston
Celeste Waller Pearson &
Vivian Chapman Council
Barbara Henderson Harris presented an update on the status of the 50th reunion.
Nancy Foster Whitley, Mary Mercer Horner, Dottie McClure Johnson
Ladies' Luncheon 2007
Bonnie & Monetta organized this year's luncheon. Monetta manages the Web Site & database.
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